What are the Various Provisions for the Overnight Desert Safari in the Dubai Desert?

Overnight Desert Safari Overnight Desert Safari

One of the main types of a safari experience in the Dubai desert is the overnight desert safari. Just like the other types of safari experiences, the evening one also receives a lot of bookings from people from different parts of the world primarily because of its fun-filled activities and the unforgettable memories that the people can gain from conducting these various activities. This article will discuss the various provisions for the Dubai overnight safari.

Adventurous Activities

Adventurous activities are included in the overnight desert safari Dubai tour. After being fetched up from the hotel you are currently staying at, you will be taken into the desert where you can experience a lot of extreme activities on the sand dunes like dune driving, dune bashing, and quad biking. You will be conducting these activities before being taken into the camp where you can have a very relaxing night and dinner.

Dinner at the Middle of the Desert

After enjoying the various adventurous provisions on the sand dunes, you will be taken to a camp where you can relax and have some very delicious dinner. While having some very tasty barbeque meals, you will be able to enjoy watching some entertainment shows like a belly dance show, a tanoura dance show, and a magic show.

Continuing the Adventure

At camp, if you want to continue your adventurous experience, you can actually do so because you will be given the opportunity to experience some in camp sand dunes activities like camel riding, sand skiing, and sand boarding.

Unlimited Supply of Refreshments at the Bar

If you feel thirsty after having some adventurous in camp activities on the sand dunes, then you can quench your thirst and be able to relax again at the bar. Here, you will be provided with an unlimited supply of refreshments including water, tea, coffee, and other kinds of drinks.

Sleeping Under the Starts

The main part of the overnight safari trip is the chance to be able to experience sleeping under the stars. You will be sleeping on some very comfortable bed and sheets. After you wake up, you will witness a fascinating sunrise and be able to conduct some morning safari activities before going back to your hotel.

Now, you know the different provisions for an overnight safari in the Dubai desert. If you want to experience such activities, make sure to book a tour now on a desert safari Dubai.