England Cricket Board has decided to take back its amazing bowler Moeen Ali from the coming Indian
Premier League IPL. The director of England Cricket board Andrew Strauss has recently said that Moeen
Ali, who was earlier selected to play in IPL, has been withdrawn from it due to excessive work load on

According to Strauss it has always been a good pleasure for English players to have in such amazing leagues like IPL. But on the other hand he has suggested Ali not to take part in IPL due to more other works. He said he suggested him but the final decision lies in the verdict of the player himself, whereas Ali took a final decision of taking himself apart from IPL. Despite the label of being selected in such well experienced T20 tournaments, it would be difficult for Ali to maintain a balanced game as he is currently working on different formats. England is currently playing a test series with South Africa where Ali is playing his job responsibly, therefore Ali is needed to play for his country first. England have to face Bangladesh in September and most importantly the anticipated T20 World Cup is coming where Ali is needed, that is why the presence of Ali in IPL is suspected. After having so much intense responsibility and work load, England’s bowler MOEEN ALI has withdrew himself from the coming Indian Premier League, 2016.